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Over the past 33 years, we have been home to over 9600+ students studying in Ottawa!! Because we focus exclusively on university students, we know what students want and need, and pride ourselves on delivering affordable, convenient, and high-quality residences to our students.

    Operating Since 1991

    33 Years
    We’re well established and have a 24/7 customer service line. We have the experience and resources to deal with anything that may arise during your stay with us.

    About Us

    At Ottawa Student Housing Inc we know what it’s like to be a student. The stress of exams, finances, cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, and living on your own can be overwhelming at times. Our mission is to to alleviate as much stress as possible for you by providing you affordable and convenient student housing that you don’t have to stress about.

    Our residences provide you a stress-free all-inclusive experience very similar to what you’d see at an on-campus university residence, but for a fraction of the cost.

    What Our Students Say About Us

    My stay with Ottawa Student Housing was a very pleasant and memorable one. Compared to some of my previous living arrangements, it was one of the best. The staff and management were always quick to address any issue and were extremely polite and professional throughout my entire stay. Price-wise, I paid less per month on rent compared to some of my friends who stayed in non-furnished apartments with no internet and no TV. We had all of that, and it was still cheaper than their rent alone. I highly recommend this housing service for any student in need of a place. A choice I don’t regret for a second.
    Primo T, University of Ottawa, Civil Law
    The best thing about Ottawa Student Housing is the pricing. Staying here costs thousands of dollars less than residence fees would, and you don’t have to deal with crowded residences. If you need to contact management, they’re easy to reach and always really interested in helping out. Also, they organise a few events throughout the year to help the students get to know each other, so you can really get familiar with the people living around you. The housing is always really close to stores and restaurants, so it’s easy to get anything you need, and it’s right next to major bus routes if you have anywhere to go. Definitely worth staying here.
    Matthew S, University of Ottawa, Political Science
    I enjoyed my stay at Ottawa Student Housing. The service was great and the staff was always available. The house is in good condition and stayed that way. Any repairs needed were done quickly and efficiently. The cleaning staff did a great job and were very friendly. I found the neighbourhood to be safe and friendly as well. I recommend the Shefford Residence because it is a great place for how much you are paying and it is a comfortable residence.
    Rachel P, University of Ottawa, Human kinetics
    Staying at the Shefford residence has been enjoyable. The staff is very professional and contacting them is very easy via many methods. As well, they stay in contact with residents throughout the year, keeping us up to date with everything we need to know. It is also convenient, as Shefford is close to many restaurants and grocery stores, and just a bus ride from campus. The price is extremely fair. I highly recommend it to fellow uOttawa students!
    Sam X, University of Ottawa, Health Science
    The accommodation is located in a nice neighbourhood. Also, the management and staff were very cordial and professional in their approach. They were always available to help and address any issues pertaining to the residence in order to ensure the safety and convenience of the tenants. Once, I locked my key inside the room as I was about to leave for lectures, and I had to call the office and one of the management team drove down to the apartment to help me out.
    Chimena I, University of Ottawa, Electronic Business Technologies
    Ottawa Student Housing really met my requirements for an off-campus residence: quiet, well maintained, and affordable. Definitely a good bet.
    Joshua I, University of Ottawa, Biomedical Sciences
    I really enjoyed my year with Ottawa Student Housing. The apartment was in great condition and was cleaned regularly. I really enjoyed the weekly cleaning. As soon as we needed a repair done, for example, our fridge, the staff was very efficient in accommodating us with a new temporary fridge. It’s a great place to stay, as it’s very easy to get to campus (it takes less than 15 minutes). It’s also much cheaper than the residence on campus. Overall it’s a great place to stay.
    Sebastien L, University of Ottawa, Biomedical Science
    I really appreciate the professionalism of the management staff. They are always there to help you and easy to contact at anytime!
    Maria P, University of Ottawa, Administration
    I loved my stay at Shefford, I felt safe and at peace everywhere I went. A lot of stores are around it (McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Metro etc). Staff is always nice and helpful. But, best of all, the WiFi is amazing!
    Pamela S, University of Ottawa, Health Science
    I really liked living in an Ottawa Student Housing apartment this year. My experience with the staff has been excellent. I love how close this location is to everything. I have become close friends with two of my roommates.
    Jacqueline G, Carleton University, Human Rights
    The house I stayed in was in great condition and the included services and appliances worked well. The few repair requests I made were quickly and properly done. I would highly recommend Ottawa Student Housing to university students.
    Yulin C, University of Ottawa, Environmental Engineering
    I had a nice time staying at Ottawa Student Housing. The management has put quite a number of things in place to make one’s stay very comfortable. The environment is quiet and friendly. I will recommend the place for a student who loves a serene environment for study.
    Victoria A, University of Ottawa, Engineering Management
    I have enjoyed my stay at Ottawa Student Housing. The location is great for easy access to the University of Ottawa (two direct buses under 15 minutes, under 20 minutes bike ride, or 45 minute walk). There is a grocery store nearby that is inexpensive compared to the other grocery stores in town. The building is safe, with a locked front door. The apartment is nice, with a large common area. The bathroom is cleaned nicely every week. The staff is always very kind. It is very easy to contact them, and they respond extremely quickly to emails that I never even feel the need to call! Whenever there is an issue, they see to it very quickly, and when urgent, come the same day. All in all a great experience, and for a great price!
    Andrea L, University of Ottawa, Music Viola Performance
    Shefford housing is in a safe neighbourhood near a police station. They always have patrol cars gassing up at the gas station across the street. There are plenty of amenities nearby and getting groceries is fairly easy. The overall house is very nice and spacious but it is better if you do get to know your roommates or have friends with you that you get along with. This helps the overall experience and makes it easier to plan meals if you want to save on food cost. The house is affordable for students because it’s “all inclusive.” Instead of paying maybe minimum $450 for a place somewhere else that doesn’t include internet and utilities, you would still be paying for furniture as well and overall the cost would become much greater.
    Karalee S, University of Ottawa, Theatre Performance
    Ottawa Student Housing is a fun place to stay in; it’s cheap compared to other housing options, the environment is quiet and safe, and there are several stores close by.
    Toro A, University of Ottawa, Chemical Engineering
    Ottawa Student Housing is a great place to stay. I’ve really enjoyed it. The staff was very helpful. It is close to many stores. Most of all, you save more than when you are renting a house and having to worry about the security and such. It’s a residence that I will highly recommend.
    Yaye T, University of Ottawa, Computer Engineering
    Great place for students and anyone looking for an affordable place in Ottawa. Very close to major shopping centres and especially the Freshco Supermarket. Great access to oc transpo bus routes 12 and 14. The residence is good quality / price bargain in Ottawa with quality services and appliances.
    Joel G, University of Ottawa, Political Science
    I have been here since August 2014 and I will recommend this apartment for a great housing experience in Ottawa for students. The management staff is approachable and professional.
    Kevina G, University of Ottawa, Electronic Business
    Staff at Ottawa Student Housing are very friendly and on 24/7 standby. The location of the house is great, few minutes walk for food shopping and the bus 14 can get you anywhere in the city. The housing facilities are great, furniture are all ready when you arrive, saving lots of hassle. Moreover, all utilities are included, including internet, electricity, water, gas etc. As a bonus, there is a cleaning service once a week. The cleaning ladies are very friendly and always do a great job! Overall, the rental price is reasonable and is well suited for most students’ budget.
    Hanxi W, University of Ottawa, Economics
    Quiet and safe place. All inclusive and a really good option for students looking for a simple housing experience! I would recommend this housing option to students studying in Ottawa.
    Yann L, University of Ottawa, Computer Science
    Throughout my time at Ottawa Student Housing, I have found the management staff to be exceptionally professional and personable. They have always been very responsive like the time they quickly and effectively responded to my request for a door repair. The two apartments in which I stayed were in very good condition and we found that the appliances and services all worked well. For international students, this spot is very welcoming and it is easy to make lasting friendships here. The neighbourhood itself uniquely contains many restaurants and shops celebrating cultures from all over the world. The professionalism of the management staff, in contrast to the staff in most housing options, allows one to live securely and with peace of mind. I would highly recommend this place to students.
    David O, University of Ottawa, Political Science
    I enjoyed my stay at Ottawa Student Housing. The management was really nice and always acted professionally. They were always available to answer any questions, inquiries, and phone calls. From what I remember, very few repairs were made during this year. The neighbourhood is safe, quiet, and it has a lot of convenient stores around so you can get your groceries done or get a quick dinner for the night. The bed overall is really comfy but the good part is that the prices of the accommodations are exceptional: everything is included, except for the meals, but it saves you hundreds of dollars compared to school residences. I totally recommend this place to anyone who is moving off campus.
    Emilcen H, University of Ottawa, Biology
    I have stayed here for one year and have really enjoyed my stay. I just renewed my lease for another year. I haven’t had any issues with the management staff responding to calls on time as they are always there whenever needed. I would recommend this company to students.
    James O, University of Ottawa, Electronic Business
    I personally have been very happy with my time with this company. Not only are they great people, but they are also very understanding and very quick with their responses. The residence itself is also in a great location and I was matched up with like-minded roommates. Loved the place.
    Robert M, University of Ottawa, Biochemistry
    Loved the experience Ottawa Student Housing offered me! My roommates and I shared a beautiful house and had the pleasure of dealing with very friendly staff/management. The cleaning service offered came in extremely handy when school got a little crazy. Definitely looking forward to living here again for my next year!!!
    Sabrina M, University of Ottawa, Political Science
    The Shefford apartments met all of my housing needs during my undergraduate degree at a very reasonable price. The internet speed is also great for students. The apartments are in good condition and the staff always responded quickly to any issues. I recommend this place for any student trying to save some money during their studies.
    Andre F, University of Ottawa, Mechanical Engineering
    It’s great living in an OSH managed apartment because I have never had any major issues in my apartment and even if problems did arise, they were fixed immediately. The staff is very friendly and approachable and the events that they organize are always a lot of fun to go to. I would highly recommend OSH to students.
    Amrah N, University of Ottawa, Biopharmaceutical Science - Medicinal Chemistry
    Ottawa Student Housing was a great place for my stay during my Masters degree at Carleton University. The management staff was always quick to reply to any questions or concerns I had, and they always approached the situation in a friendly and professional manner. The residence was cleaned once a week, and the room was nice and spacious. I also enjoyed the fact that I was able to sign an 8-month lease since I would be returning to my hometown in the summer months. Overall, I would highly recommend OSH to future students, as it is great value for what you receive.
    Erin G, Carleton University, Public Administration
    It’s a great place to stay for students who want to save money, while also living on their own. I remember when I first moved in, I got my key locked in my room a couple of times, and the managerial staff response was so quick. The internet is a big advantage since I have to keep up with school on the uOttawa online Blackboard platform. All in all, it’s been an amazing year. I had the opportunity to meet and become acquainted with the other tenants in the different residences. Overall, it’s an amazing place to stay.
    Munachiso I, University of Ottawa, Mechanical Engineering
    I had a very pleasant stay at Ottawa Student Housing. The staff was friendly and arrived quickly when they were needed. The price is reasonable, and there is a cleaning lady coming every week, which is great.
    Cristina S, University of Ottawa, Language & Literature
    The Blake apartments are very close to two different bus stops, making travel easy. The cleaning staff is very helpful in keeping the apartment clean. There are several options for rental periods to fit your needs. There are plenty of stores nearby to get anything you need. I would highly recommend this residence to students.
    Philippe T, University of Ottawa, Electrical Engineering
    My 8-month experience in Ottawa Student Housing residence was amazing. The residence is close to a Freshco, Pizza Pizza, Mousa, and many other things, which made my student life more comfortable. I liked the fact that there was cleaning staff that cleaned the kitchen and bathroom weekly, which just made it even more feasible to live in. I recommend students choose this residence for several different reasons: 15 minutes from uOttawa, it is a great value, and has stores nearby.
    Syed N, University of Ottawa, Electrical Engineering
    I really enjoyed my stay at Ottawa Student Housing for the past two years. The management staff are always nice and professional. The house is close to many stores, restaurants, bus stations, gyms, banks, and parks.
    Jean-Baptiste T, University of Ottawa, PhD Economics
    I enjoyed my stay at the Shefford residence. Ottawa Student Housing Inc was quick to fix and respond to any repair requests I made. The residence is also close to the bus stop, which made it convenient to get to uOttawa and around town.
    Qingtai Y, University of Ottawa, Mechanical Engineering
    In the Shefford Residence, the rooms, kitchen and common areas have been upgraded nicely. The appliances are relatively new and kept in good working condition, the internet is very fast (100 Mbps), the staff are professional and inquires for repairs never go unanswered for more than 24 hrs. It takes 35 minutes to go to Carleton university during the morning rush and grocery stores such as Loblaws, Walmart and Metro are nearby. The area is generally quiet but downtown is accessible by bus within 15 minutes on a bad day. I have lived at this residence for over 4 years of my degree and highly recommend it to university students.
    Vasu M, Carleton University, Computer Engineering
    It is very convenient to live here. There is basically everything you need around the area. The staff are also very helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend this residence.
    Zichao L, University of Ottawa, Economics
    Great place! My time has been great! They provide everything you need for school, and the management is great and will attend to your needs when needed. Management is very easy going.
    Jeque A, University of Ottawa, Linguistics
    I’ve rented from Ottawa Student Housing for the past 3 school years. The management is friendly and responsive. In my second year I had a plumbing issue in my bathtub, but a quick call and a bit later it was fixed up. The neighborhood was pretty nice. I rented on Blake, so only a few minutes from a grocery store. All in all it’s been a good experience. I would highly recommend this residence to students looking for housing in Ottawa.
    Nick R, University of Ottawa, Civil Engineering
    My stay at Ottawa Student Housing was wonderful. The house I lived in had everything a student needs and at a reasonable price. You can reach the staff easily at any time. The neighborhood is pretty quiet and peaceful. The stores are five minutes away from the residence (making it easy for students to buy food and get back to studying). The heater in the room keeps the temperature stable during the winter times, especially when it’s -37C in Ottawa. The kitchen is pretty spacious (even if there are 3 people cooking at the same time, the stove is very powerful too). In general, the place is very good for students who wants to save some money and want to live in a quiet neighborhood. I recommend this place.
    Alex M, University of Ottawa, Electrical Engineering
    The three years spent living here were great. There was plenty of room, amazing landlords and the internet is fantastic. It was everything a student could ask for. The weekly cleaning service and WiFi were a definite plus.
    Brandon G, University of Ottawa, Mechanical Engineering
    I enjoyed my year with OSH. The landlords are respectful and make major repairs quickly and properly. The rooms were as advertised and I was matched well with students that studied similarly to me. The closeness to the 95 made travel easy.
    Justin S, University of Ottawa, History
    Location of Ottawa Student Housing is very convenient to access both university transit and amenities. Management staff is professional and friendly. Rent is competitive compared to other options for students. I would highly recommend.
    Vasil K, University of Ottawa, Engineering Management
    The management staff of Ottawa Student Housing are very helpful and understanding when it comes to dealing with different situations you would be experiencing while staying in their residences. They are available 24/7, so contacting them is never an issue. They are quick to respond to repair and maintenance requests that one may have. The quality of the houses I would say it is definitely worth your money. All of the appliances in the house I stayed in were in good working condition so nothing to complain about there. The neighbourhood is very safe and also very convenient for it is literally close to all the amenities a student would require. I would highly recommend choosing Ottawa Student Housing, for you will not be disappointed.
    Sandra O, University of Ottawa, Commerce & Marketing
    I’ve been living at Ottawa Student Housing for more than three years now. I’m really enjoying my stay. The management staff is very friendly, and available for us 24/7. There are high quality services included, including weekly house cleaning. This is a very affordable place for students. Great price, great high speed internet, on-site student parking, and more.
    Wuislane C, University of Ottawa, English
    It’s a pretty great building all things considered. The cleaning is paid for as is the internet which is greatly appreciated. The landlords are quite attentive to our needs whenever they spring up as well.
    Joel B, University of Ottawa, Translation
    I am happy I chose Ottawa Student Housing for my first year of university. It helped me having an easy transition from my parents to university life. The 24/7 service as well as the all included utilities has helped me focus on studies rather than dealing with bills and malfunctioning utilities. I am happy to have found a place where students are understood and where things are thought to make things easier on us. I would recommend Ottawa Student Housing for the easy transition they allow as well as the 24/7 service and all included utilities which clearly makes life easier for busy and already stressed students ???? Also, they are located near supermarkets and two malls which makes shopping and groceries less of hassle for students new to the city.
    Yasmina R, Carleton University, Political Science
    This is one of the best managed student housing locations in ottawa. Amenities are functioning very well and the management staff are very prompt to requests and are available to listen to students. This has made me stay 2 years and still willing to stay more.
    Paul O, University of Ottawa, Computer Science
    I enjoyed living at ottawa student housing! The house was clean and in good condition. When we had any maintenance requests, management staff made sure to attend to them quickly and keep us happy. I would highly recommend this residence to students.
    Ioana L, University of Ottawa, International Management
    I enjoyed my stay at ottawa student housing. The neighbourhood is safe and the bus route to the area is the 95 which comes every 5 min. If you are looking for something affordable with all utilities included and internet then this would be a good choice.
    Nkiruka U, University of Ottawa, Environmental Engineering
    My stay in Ottawa Student Housing has been great, you can contact staff members very easily and they will help you with services and appliances. The apartments provide great space and a great environment to live in as a student. I recommend these apartments to students in Ottawa.
    Nicolas S, University of Ottawa, Electrical Engineering
    I had a great experience at Ottawa Student Housing. The management staff was very nice and professional, and the house itself was clean and well maintained. It was very quick to get to the University via Ottawa’s excellent public transportation, and there are a lot of close amenities within walking distance (including a grocery store, coffee shop, restaurants, etc). My roommates were very nice and it was fun sharing a house with them instead of being in an apartment alone. Pricing was all-inclusive which made budgeting expenses easy. I saved enough money on my housing to go on a Europe vacation with my friends this summer! Overall, exceptional value, and I highly recommend.
    Eva N, University of Ottawa, Biology
    It was a pleasure to be a part of this community. I really appreciated the management staff, they were always available to answer your questions and help you to resolve problems. Its safe, and the apartments are organized to match you with students most similar to you, so my roommates became very good friends of mine.
    Gaye S, University of Ottawa, Computer Engineering
    Ottawa Student Housing is a nice and a quiet place that I really enjoyed as a student. My house was full of nice roommates who I enjoyed staying with. On top of that, there are lots of bus options to take you anywhere in the city, and many shops really close by. I would highly recommend this housing option to students.
    Ousman B, University of Ottawa, Social Sciences
    It was a good experience living in shefford residence. The 95 bus can be taken right from the residence, which is the most frequent bus in Ottawa. There are lots of stores in the area such as a convenience store, McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Subway, and Metro. The house was nicely furnished. In conclusion, based on the price, I think it’s a great option for students.
    Mina R, University of Ottawa, Civil Engineering
    I have been staying at the Ottawa Student Housing residences for the last two years. The place I have been living this year and last were pretty decent. The washrooms and kitchen were clean and fully functional. The rooms came with a good bed frame and mattress as well as a study table. I had a few maintenance requests near the beginning of my stay, but they were dealt quickly and professionally by the management staff. The neighborhood I stayed in was quite safe and because the majority of our neighbors were all students, I felt very comfortable. Bus stops were also close by which provided easy access to my university. There were also a number of food stores as well as large supermarkets to do groceries which were a few minutes away from the residence. Once a week someone came by to clean the place and they were all very friendly. Overall a good experience and relatively good value compared to other residences around the city.
    Ash B, University of Ottawa, Engineering
    My stay at the Shefford residence was very positive, as management and staff were quite accommodating and helpful. The residence location was very convenient for busing to school, as well as for shopping and groceries. It was also nice that I was able to make many new friends during my stay.
    April Y, University of Ottawa, Biopharmaceutical Science
    I have been living here for the past three years and I have never encountered any problems. The management staff has always been available and very helpful. I would recommend this residence to students studying in Ottawa.
    Mariam S, University of Ottawa, International Studies