With our Blake and Shefford Residence: Yes! We realize that things change and sometimes it’s difficult to predict the future. That’s why we’re proud to be one of the only leasing companies in Ottawa that give you total flexibility to switch your lease term to any of our 2 lease options at any time (8 months or 12 months).

Our policy is as follows:

(1) If you switch to a shorter length lease, you simply pay the difference in price between the two lease lengths for the lease term, in addition to a $300 remarketing and administrative fee.

(2) If you switch to a longer length lease, your rental payments drop to the lower monthly rent on that day going forward.

However, at our Somerset and Wilbrod Residences, the leases terms cannot be changed. For a September lease start date (the start of the school year), the minimum lease period is 12 months.